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For most allergy sufferers, household pollutants such as dust mites and mold pose a serious health threat. Individuals with allergies may experience severe respiratory infections, itchy and watery eyes, nasal congestion, and a cornucopia of other allergy symptoms if dust mites and fungi infestations go ignored. Check out our Is Mold Making You Sick article for more information on symptoms. Vapor Steam Cleaning is one of the most effective ways to eliminate dust mites, mold spores and bacteria, germs, and other pollutants that aggravate allergies and cause respiratory infections. Having a professional steam clean your home will help reduce the amount of allergens that build up in a house over time.


Vacuuming versus Vapor Steam Cleaning


Most people think that simply vacuuming the carpets and dusting will do the trick, but actually both cleaning methods send dirt particles directly into the air. Many of these particles contain dust mites, spores, pollen, and dead skin that can make allergy problems worse. Vapor steam cleaning is much different in that the steam and heat penetrate deep into the fibers of the carpet, bedding, and upholstery fabric to instantly kill dust mites and their eggs, molds, fleas, bed bugs, and viruses. The heat of the steam also vaporizes built-in dirt and grime in hard to clean areas that trap and spread allergens. With vapor steam cleaning, dirt and allergens are not transferred from one area to another—they are completely removed. An improved quality of air inside the home will reduce the health complications for everyone who lives there, as well as create a cleaner and more enjoyable environment. If you are worried about the air quality of your home, have a professional air quality tester do an inspection.


How Does Vapor Steam Cleaning Work?


Since vapor steam cleaning only requires a little tap water as a solvent, this method of cleaning can be used for a variety of cleaning chores. No chemicals are added to the water; therefore, surfaces from counter tops to upholstery fabrics will not be damaged and the air is clear of additional airborne allergens. Also, using very little water—less than a gallon—eliminates the possibility of mold spores developing. Vapor steam cleaners produce very little moisture because the wetness evaporates immediately after the vapor steam comes in contact with a surface. By the time a professional cleaner has finished cleaning the house, every surface and all the furniture and bedding will have dried. So comparative to dusting and vacuuming, not only is vapor steam cleaning an effective cleaning method but also an ecologically friendly way of cleaning a home or office. Goodbye mop and bucket, dust feathers, and sponges; vapor steam cleaning is a hassle free and cost effective way of ridding the office and home of indoor pollutants.


Overall Benefits


Worrying about the cost of a professional steam cleaning job is counter-productive. According to a study published in Clinical and Experimental Allergy. Vol. 25—“The use of domestic steam cleaning for the control of house dust mites”—vapor steam cleaners are ideal for preventing and managing allergies in that they eliminate fleas, dust mites, mold spores, and bacteria on contact. The study’s researchers also concluded that an office or a home that has been professionally steam cleaned will experience a dust mite free environment for up to three months. So, the value that results from one steam cleaning is that you will save on doctor’s visits, medicines, and cleaning products. If you or someone you love suffers from allergies or you are meticulous about minimizing dirt build up, the consensus is that there are multiple benefits to using a steam cleaner to sanitize your home or office. Repeated exposure to indoor pollutants are the cause of many underlying health diseases, so ditch the vacuum cleaner and dust wands in favor of a professional vapor steam cleaning. Your lungs will immediately feel stronger, and your immune system will begin to repair itself because it is not working so hard.

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