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Mold is a hidden menace too often overlooked by homeowners. While the presence of mold is rarely immediately obvious, the health consequences are far-reaching. They can include rashes, itchy eyes, coughing and sneezing, along with more serious allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Mold may not always be visible, and in some cases, it can grow in heating systems and ductwork. In order to accurately determine whether or not mold is present in your home, you need to have a mold inspection conducted by a qualified professional.


 Why You Should Have a Mold Inspection


Mold can thrive with a few basic ingredients: low light, a bit of moisture and oxygen. With these conditions, all it takes is several mold spores for growth to start. While many homeowners assume that they can easily spot mold growth, spores often make it into spaces that are difficult to access, such as ducts, vents and drywall. Once there, the spores can easily spread to other areas of the house and becomes important to act quickly to reduce costs.
A thorough inspection will help you determine where mold is present and to what extent. A casual DIY search for mold is unlikely to be successful. Even if you find visible mold, you may not be able to locate the root of the problem. Given the wide range of health problems that are driven by exposure to mold, a proper inspection is a worthwhile investment.

An inspection is especially critical in certain situations. For example, if there is a plumbing leak, the extra moisture may spur mold growth. If residents are complaining of respiratory problems or related ailments, and it’s not clear what could be causing the health issues, mold may very well be the culprit. Of course, an inspection should also be carried out before a home is sold or purchased.

How is a Mold Inspection Conducted?

There are a variety of ways to inspect a home for mold. Hardware stores and local health boards may offer mold detection kits. These kits can be used to test mold samples, and they typically provide a rapid diagnosis in a manner of minutes. Some kits may allow you to follow up with additional laboratory testing. However, you can also hire a professional company to come inspect your home for mold. Such companies can provide you with a more comprehensive inspection than that offered by DIY kits. They will conduct an analysis of air quality, take surface samples and visually inspect all areas of the house.

Why You Should Hire a Qualified Professional to Conduct Your Mold Inspection

Mold detection kits often give false readings, and furthermore, the results need to be analyzed by a professional if they are to be considered reliable. In addition, a mold detection kit may indicate that mold is present, but it will not help you diagnose the root of the problem. For example, you could remove visible mold from a wall or ceiling and completely overlook the fact that mold may be thriving in your home’s HVAC system. A professional inspection may be more expensive, but it’s worth it to have definitive answers and lasting solutions.

We offer comprehensive mold inspection and removal services. We are IICRC certified, and we offer our services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Finally, our prices are competitive, and our approach is exhaustive. In addition to inspecting your home for mold, we provide specific environmental recommendations that will limit opportunities for mold growth while preserving your home’s air quality. Give us a call today for a free quote.

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