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Getting Rid of Water Damage and Mold Problems

Water damage can be disastrous, especially if left standing for a significant period of time. Many of us think that water damage restoration is only needed after a huge flood. The truth of the matter is that even a simple leak can lead to irreversible damage to your...

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The Benefits and Basics of Air Quality Testing

For people with asthma or some type of mold allergies, air quality testing is a serious matter. The truth is the presence of mold is not good for anyone; however, those who have respiratory issues are highly vulnerable to mold spores. Some individuals are interested...

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Is Mold Making You Sick?

Molds are living fungi that develop spores to multiply. They thrive in damp conditions in the home. Areas that lack ventilation are especially prone to mold. Showers, kitchens and any area with pronged moisture levels, such as under sinks, walls near toilets, closets...

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Guidelines for Cleaning Up a Flood Stricken Home

Natural disasters like tornadoes, floods and hurricanes aren’t just damaging at their outset - they also leave behind excess moisture as well as standing water which promotes the growth of mildew and mold in people’s homes as well as other buildings. When re-entering...

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Essential Oils for Combating Mold Infections

Kitchen spices contain several natural compounds that are potent at dealing with mold and limiting its toxins. According to various studies, these spices become much more effective at fighting mold and its toxic by-products when distilled into essential oils. The...

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